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Don and Linda Coulter’s

“Common Sense Horsemanship”

Next Date TBA / Early September 2013


Don and Linda Coulter have worked together as a team for more than 40 years. Don focuses on ground work training of young horses. He also uses ground work to help identify and solve issues with problem horses. He will get on and ride horses when he feels they are ready. A clinic with Don involves working with a horse individually in the round pen. If a horse or rider has a particular problem, such as loading a horse into a trailer, we suggest you contact Bridlewood and arrange an extended private session with Don.

Linda’s focus is on the riding and training of hunters and jumpers in preparation for the show ring. Her clinic work involves sessions with groups of riders of varying abilities and experience. There will be several sessions available. Don and Linda come together in their emphasis on common sense horsemanship.

To better understand some of their methods and terminology, Bridlewood is offering an optional session "Intro" session. Don and Linda will introduce their concepts to participants and their horses. These concepts will include:

  • Basic ground work—respect, manners and establishing your space
  • Proper use and basics of round pen training
  • How ground work and round pen training help create more effective communication when riding


These concepts will be used throughout the clinic in both Don and Linda’s sessions.


We will offer 3 or 4 groups with Linda each day to accommodate horses and riders of varying levels of experience, 90 minute sessions.

Clinic fee is $195.00 for group sessions
Stalls available at $40.00/night.

Sessions with Don will be $100. To address specific issues, such as trailer loading or starting a baby, additional time may be required. Please let us know so we can schedule in advance.